“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

Summer has come to an end and we’re trading in our shorts, skirts and dresses for trousers, jeans and tights. This might seem like a weird moment to start talking about cellulite, veins and co., since no one’s going to see our legs for the next few months anyways.

To me, it seems like the perfect moment to work on our attitude towards ourselves, the way we stare at every single one of our flaws in the mirror, how we spend too much money on beauty products in order to get rid of cellulite or to get that perfect tan.

Please let me tell you a story, a real story, something that actually happened to me and which sort of changed my view forever.

It was spring 2014. I was shopping for new shorts since temperatures were starting to rise and I didn’t have any (I was actually exclusively wearing skirts at that time). So there I was, in the changing room, standing in bright light in front of a mirror, bare-legged for the first time in months. My legs were too pale, there were little veins on my thighs and a hint of cellulite when I turned around to look at the back, plus I thought I was looking sort of fat, or at least not fit.

You guessed correctly, I didn’t buy those shorts and I left the shop feeling really bad about my body.

Now here’s what happened. The moment I got out the door and stepped onto the street, there was a girl moving towards me. She was literally moving. She was not walking, because she was in a wheelchair. She didn’t have any legs! I swear to god, I nearly started crying. How can we be so obsessed with our looks, why do we compare ourselves to the most beautiful/photoshopped women (who actually get paid for looking like that!) instead of being grateful for being a healthy human being?


This was the universe telling me to just STFU and to start realizing how lucky I am.


The message I want to give is simple: while we can still do our best to be pretty and to feel good, we need to stop putting ourselves down trying to be perfect. Because perfect doesn’t exist. At least not the perfect that some girls are looking for, or the sort of perfect that media makes us believe we need to achieve.

So girls, let’s stop feeling bad about our bodies and let’s start being grateful for everything we have! We are so damn lucky but we’re too obsessed to realize it. We’re too severe on ourselves. Do you know that feeling when there’s this tiny pimple growing right in the middle of your face, it’s all you see and you feel like it’s going to eat you every time you look at it? Well guess what… other people might not even notice. There’s no one looking at us the way we do ourselves. Everyone is too busy looking at themselves. So stop worrying and start being grateful.