Some of you might not have known that Luxembourg is an actual independent country or that we speak our own language. No one could blame you: our country is so tiny, you can cross it by car without even noticing. It doesn’t even take you an hour and a half to pass all the way through, going from north to south.

However, don’t underestimate us either. Luxembourg is one of the three official capitals of the European Union since it was one of its founders, along with Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Western Germany. (If you’re from the UK and you just voted for Brexit, you probably couldn’t care less lol)

I don’t want to go on babbling about my hometown, this article should be about our cuisine. If you’re interested in typical luxembourgian recipes, there’s a famous cookbook I can recommend.

The book I’m talking about has been written by a housemaids school teacher called Ketty Thull, she was born in 1905 and published her famous cookbook in 1946, shortly after World War II.It does not only feature typical dishes from Luxembourg, but also other European recipes. It’s everything “women” needed to know at that time, from how to set the table, to how to cut, cook and serve.


In 2011, her work has been re-edited and published in a new, modern design. You can buy it here.