God how I love to travel…

I couldn’t imagine living on this planet without wanting to see EVERYTHING about it.

It’s funny, because I actually didn’t get on a plane before I was 17 years old. The reason was simple: my dad doesn’t like to get on planes, so we always traveled by car, even if that meant driving for 12 hours or sometimes even more. After a while, he finally agreed taking a short city trip to London, but this time instead of taking a ferry, we would hop on a plane. I was so excited, I remember awing at the view, staring at the clouds and simply being overwhelmed by it all.

After high school, before I actually went to university, I decided to fulfill my childhood dream and go to Australia. Oh man! That was only the third time in my life I ever took a plane, and now it was going to be a 30 hour flight! One stopover in Singapore, one in Sydney, one in Brisbane, before finally arriving in Mackay.

It was the first time I was really on my own, without knowing what the heck I was actually doing. And I LOVED THAT FEELING! That was when I got itchy feet.

Earth is the most beautiful place and we’re so lucky to live here. I try to protect it in every possible way, but at the same time I want to see every little corner of this amazing planet. Sadly, aviation contributes to climate change, it’s a big dilemma…

If you’re looking for new places to see, I can totally recommend this book.

We all know that traveling is an expensive hobby. But don’t despair, there are cheap ways to get around, I got lots of tips from this book right here. I might write an article on that topic soon, stay tuned!

If you’re curious about the places I’ve been, you can follow me on Instagram, I will regularly upload photos from my adventures.