In case you’re wondering why I took a picture of my cactus’ for an article about the menstruation cup… because I can be quite prickly when I’m on my period 😉 well, I used to be… now that I think of it, it actually hasn’t been that bad ever since I’ve started using the cup. That’s either an illusion, or an 11th argument that I did not include in this post.

Anyway… I remember the first time I actually heard about the menstruation cup. It was four years ago. A friend of mine, who was studying in New York at the time, told me that she started using it and to be totally honest with you, my first reaction was YUCK!! I mean come on, it sounds kind of gross having your blood collected in a cup that you’ll have to empty by hand once it’s full.
Well who would have thought that I would become a HUGE FAN of this great invention, telling all my friends about it and converting them as if I was some sort of missionary.
I decided to share my enthusiasm with all of you girls by giving you 10 reasons why you should start using the menstruation cup NOW.

1. You save a lot of money

My cup cost me about 18$ and I’ve been using the same one for over two years now. I guess there’s no need in calculating the cost of tampons to make my point, it’s pretty obvious that the menstruation cup is way cheaper!!


2. You don’t have to carry tampons with you all the time

This happened to me every few months: I’d be at school and suddenly, whoops, my period unexpectedly kicked in and I didn’t have enough tampons on me to get me through the day. How embarrassing is it to start asking around if anyone could “borrow” you some… Now that I’m using the cup, I simply insert it first thing in the morning, the day my period is supposed to start, and then I’m fine!


3.You don’t need to change for up to 12 hours

There’s nothing worse than being on your period and not getting the occasion to change your tampon, because either you simply don’t have time or there are no clean sanitary facilities where you can wash your hands properly before and after. What I really appreciate about the cup is that you can actually leave it in up until 12 hours without worrying about leaks or hygiene.


4. You don’t risk getting TSS (toxic shock syndrome)

Yep, that’s right. In case you haven’t heard about this syndrome, it is an infection caused by bacteria. Using tampons (especially the extra absorptive ones) is one of the risk factors. If you’re using the cup, there’s no need worrying about TSS.


5.You don’t have to worry about weird smells

Now it might get a bit disgusting for some of you… But have you ever been on a toilet and you could tell that the woman who was using the toilet before you was on her period, just by the smell? That happened to me quite a few times and it’s not very pleasant. And then you find yourself wondering if you’re actually smelly too. If you’re using a cup, you don’t have to worry about that, because it is completely odorless.


6. You don’t feel dried out “down there”

Tampons don’t only absorb your blood, they absorb any liquids “down there”, which is the reason why you might sometimes feel dried out. I remember that it was often painful for me to insert tampons and I used to think the discomfort was part of being on your period. It’s not! The cup exclusively collects your blood, so there’s no such discomfort or general dryness.


7. You avoid chemicals

That’s right, no bleach, no chemicals in your cup that could leak into your body


8. You don’t risk leaking

Ugh. When I was 15, the most embarrassing thing happened to me… And when I was 19, another very embarrassing and upsetting thing happened to me… Now I’m not going to bore you with those stories, but I’ve had quite a few leaking accidents and I am so glad that this will never ever happen to me again! Not even at night time. Thank you cup! I actually used to think that there were enormous quantities of blood pouring out of our vaginas (I’m using harsh terms to make my point), so when I saw those few drops in my cup for the first, I was like “Then why the hell was I leaking so often while using tampons??”. The answer is simple: because they’re cr*p! Don’t get me wrong, they were a great invention… back in the 1930’s!


9. You don’t have to cancel your sauna appointment

I love going to saunas, but only when it’s lady’s night, which is once a week. Back when I was still using tampons, I couldn’t go when on my period, I didn’t want to risk the little string popping out. Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore, yay!

10. You become part of the zero waste movement

To me, this is one of the most important benefits of using the cup. Just imagine all the waste we could reduce if every woman on earth was using her reusable cup instead of tons and tons of tampons…

Let me know if you tried the cup and what you think of it! If you enjoyed this article or if it even convinced you to switch to the menstruation cup, please share it with your friends to convince them as well.

Maybe you can even think of other benefits that I didn’t mention in my top 10?