What this blog is about

Hey there ! I’m happy that you’ve found your way here and I’d like to thank you and welcome you to the bohemian way of life.

First of all, what does bohemian actually mean ?

The term initially referred to inhabitants of Bohemia, a region in the Czech Republica. It also describes a non-conventionnal society, cultivating the liberty of spirits, looking for new artistic and intellectual ideals and often living on the edge of poverty.

A more « aesthetic » bohemian lifestyle only appeared in the late 19th century. When we’re talking about boho nowadays, we often mean the fashion style influenced by hippies.

Nevertheless, this blog isn’t about fashion. I used the word boho because I like the idea of being unconventional. We’re not going to break any rules but we might go against the tide.

On this blog, our main aim is to be happy. Of course, we still want to be beautiful, but in our own way. We’re trying to stay healthy by looking not only after our body but also after our soul. We’re creative, curious and organized. And most importantly, we’re in love with our planet, that’s why we’re doing our best to live an eco-friendly life.